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What treatment entails

On your arrival you will be asked to fill out a short medical questionnaire and sign a consent form.
On your first appointment (which can last up to an hour) we take a full case history. The Osteopath will ask general details such as name, address, date of birth, occupation, hobbies and activities and GP contact information. We need this information to assess how your life style puts stress and strain on your body.

Then we ascertain the nature of your problem-when it started, how it has progressed, what makes your symptoms better or worse, what you have tried to do about it, what (if any tests) your GP/Consultant have carried out ,and if any medications have been prescribed.
We will then go through your past medical history which will include questions as to any operations, serious illnesses, car crashes, accidents, broken bones you may have suffered from in the past. It is surprising how these factors (even though many years ago) have an impact on the present and the future. We will ask about other body systems such as gynaecological health, bowel function, breathing-please do not be offended or embarrassed as these are often pointers as to why your symptoms present as they do.

For the next stage Patients are asked to undress to their underwear so that the joints, muscles and mobility patterns can be assessed. You may wish to bring a light pair of shorts and T-shirt if this would help you feel more relaxed. If you would prefer to have someone with you then please tell you Osteopath or the Receptionist when you book your appointment.
Active and passive movements are then carried out and any neurological tests as are deemed necessary. At this point your Osteopath will tell you what they think the problem is (with the use if necessary of anatomical models or pictures) and then outline the treatment which may help.
You must be aware that if the Osteopath feels that he/she cannot help you they will let you know at this point or refer you on to the best placed professional who may be in a position to help you.
If you are happy and your questions have been answered then your Osteopath will probably undertake a short treatment and suggest any exercises or self-help measures that may help you to help yourself. You will be provided with a help sheet at the end of your treatment as we are aware that not all we say will be remembered!

Second and subsequent treatments will be for approximately 30 minutes.

If you have not been in for treatment for a significant period of time- 4 years- we will request that you make a slightly longer booking (45 minutes) so that we can cover changes in your situation and do a re-examination.

If you have not been to the centre in over eight years we will probably request that you book in as a New patient again as much may have changed with regards to your health (although we may well have retained your original notes) and we need the time to fully assess this.

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